To submit a Financial Services case such as SRP or Corporate Loans it is always best to remember that to make sure your client would be best served we will look at the complete suite of Stryde and GMG services. We don’t look at individual services, this is cost effective for both us and the client.

There are 3 main steps to follow to ensure we have the proper information to process your client's Financial Services case.

  1. Complete Presentation Pro as accurately as possible, the more savings we are able to capture for the client across the board the more we can assist them in funding an SRP or Corporate Loan.
  2. Get a Signed Serviced Agreement and Book a Discovery Call, this will allow a National Account Manager to review services with them and confirm the amount of savings we can capture for tour client.
  3. Request the Financial Service that your client is seeking on the Discovery Call and add a Note to their Client Card to document your request for the National Account Manager.

Following these steps will allow Stryde and GMG to make sure that your client is in the best possible position to receive the Financial Service needed to grow their business or ensure their retirement.

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