Use your landing pages to show the client how we can produce some savings, then coming in with a program for which they can personally benefit from those savings by funding an SRP.

For instance, you could then discuss the need for funding a Buy/Sell if speaking to a partnership; the need for supplemental retirement income; the need for succession planning and exit from the business; the need for estate planning, etc. Once we have determined the need, we can then transition to say, "because you are a business owner, you have the luxury of using other people's money, for pennies on the dollar, to fund this life insurance through our SRP."

It is also important to note to a Client that SRP is a proprietary program with Stryde. We are the only company to have it's own dedicated corporate lender. Stryde is the only company to offer one-time underwriting, call protection on the loan, automatic renewability, and the support staff associated with any SRP case to handle illustrations, loan models, communication with the life insurance carriers, client calls, cpa calls, basically any and everything we can do to move that case forward. 

With our competitors, you would have to do most of that work on your own. We also offer a back end servicer that is dedicated to maintaining these loans, keeping the clients satisfied, and answering any questions while the loan is in place. We have over $1 billion in assets in our loan portfolio and we close approximately 300 cases per year.