This is a workaround and you Do Not have to follow all steps.  Simply start with 1 and when the App is working successfully you can stop.

Step 1:  Go to The GMG Portal and make sure you are able to login correctly.

Step 2:  If login was successful please continue to Step 3 otherwise Reset Your Password.

Step 3:  Be sure that your phone or tablet has a strong Internet connection as our GMG App requires it. 

Step 4:  Open the GMG App and follow the steps below to "Clear synced resources".


Step 5:  Next you must Force sync the app.  Follow the same steps you made in Step 4 but this time choose Force sync.  If this does not work please continue to Step 6.

Step 6:  Uninstall the GMG App in The Google Play Store

Step 7:  Power down your device 

Step 8:  Power on your device

Step 9:  Go to the Google Play Store and Re-install the GMG App.

Step 10:  If you are still experiencing issues with pages loading in the app, try turning off your Wireless Internet and connecting directly with your data plan to see if the pages will load. 

Step 11:  If you are still experiencing issues with logging into the App please contact us further.