Credit Card Audit Sales & Production Process 

Step 1

Expense Reduction Agreement and initial set of documents are submitted by agent via your Stryde HUB

Agreement for Services

Must be signed by client / decision maker

Agent shall not countersign, agreement will be countersigned by Vendor

Copy of Merchant Statement

Agent must obtain and submit 1 - 2 recent merchant processing statements in order for us to perform the initial analysis.
Time Frame

Initial review takes approximately 2-3 weeks from the time documents are received.

Submit all documents above via your Stryde HUB

Step 2

Stryde processes new client & audit begins

Audit Process

The credit card audit department will review the submitted merchant processing statements and If a refund is in order, the credit card department will request additional documentation via the Client and upon receiving the additional documentation will begin securing lower fees directly with the merchant services provider.

On average this takes 30-60 days from receipt of all client documentation needed to process the lowering of fees.

The credit card audit department will work directly with the client to get reductions and money back from the merchant.

If a refund is not in order, the clients file will be closed and agent will be notified