Waste Audit LOA, What is It?Stryde Waste LOA.png

An LOA is a Letter of Agency or sometimes referred to as a Letter of Authorization is a document authorizing a company to act on the behalf of a client.  This document is generally required within the United States anytime a third party agency is working on the behalf of a consumer.  

Stryde utilizes an LOA for some of our Expense Reduction Services because we must work as the consumer's advocate and communicate directly with their vendor to obtain documentation, account information and negotiate on behalf of our client.  

The Waste Audit LOA is presented to the client upon them signing the Expense Reduction Service Agreement and submitted via your Stryde Hub to initiate the Waste Audit for your client.

You can find a copy of the Waste LOA attached to this article as well as within your Stryde Hub on your Expense Reduction Service Page.