Work Comp Audit Sales & Production Process 

Step 1

Expense Reduction Agreement and initial set of documents are submitted by agent via your Stryde HUB

Agreement for Services

Must be signed by client / decision maker

Agent shall not countersign, agreement will be countersigned by Vendor

Enter date at the top of the agreement

Letter of Authority (LOA)

LOA must be copied to clients letterhead

LOA needs to be dated and signed by decision maker/client

LOA is needed to contact the rating bureau on behalf of the client

Client Interview Checklist

The purpose of this document is to get a snap shot of the clients information and is vital to gathering documentation to perform the audit

Include contact person’s complete name, address, phone, fax and email

Have client answer all operational questions

Include a list of all agents & carrier info (name, address, phone, fax & email) along with policy periods & policy #’s 

Initial Set of Policy Documents

Policy documents the client has in their files

Agent should make a copy of all policy documents and submit them with agreement 

Submit all documents above via your Stryde HUB

Step 2

Stryde processes new client & audit begins

Audit Process

Initial review typically takes 2-3 weeks from the time all policy documents are received

If a refund is in order, vendor will render a report to client directly 

Vendor Auditor will work directly with the client to get policy review and money back from the carrier

If a refund is not in order, the clients file will be closed and agent will be notified