All of our Expense Reduction services are contained in one simple service agreement.  There is a copy attached to this article and the service agreement can also be found in your Stryde Hub under your Expense Reduction Service Page.

Expense Reduction Analysis Overview

Does the Unified Service Agreement Commit the Client to ALL of the Expense Reduction Services?

The Expense Reduction Analysis provides Stryde the opportunity to review the following services for our Clients.  If there is no benefit then there is no expense to the Client.  This should relieve the Client from any concern of being "locked" into a service.

Stryde will perform the following in order to evaluate, analyze, and procure your eligible expense reduction(s):

• Credit Card Merchant Accounts: Perform an ongoing audit of your processing activities, identifying excessive and hidden fees using our proprietary software to reduce the associated payment processing expenses.

• Waste & Recycling Agreements: Identify vendor billing discrepancies, obtain reimbursements for previous overcharges and errors, and negotiate on your behalf to implement a below-market rate for ongoing services.

• Workers’ Compensation Premiums: Unbiased independent review of employee classifications and experience ratings to identify past or current reductions, credits, rebates or refunds from your current policies.

• Parcel Shipping Expenditures: Proprietary monitoring solution that integrates with vendor systems performing a 50 point audit which includes late deliveries, invalid surcharges, incorrect dimensional and weight charges.

What are the Fee's Associated With the Expense Reduction Analysis?

The Fee Schedule is located directly on the Service Agreement as listed below:


Stryde agrees to complete their Incentive Analysis at no cost. If Analysis demonstrates benefit to the Client, Stryde procurement fees will be charged at a rate of fifty (50) percent of any refunds from providers and/or fifty (50) percent of identified savings as demonstrated on our analysis for our ongoing audit.

Can The Client Opt Out If They Choose Not to Move Forward?

No, there is no opt out clause and clients cannot back out of the agreement. Per our agreement we charge a fee unless we cannot demonstrate a benefit that meets our "not to exceed" pricing. 

When Should I Have A Client Sign The Service Agreement?

The best time to have a client sign a service agreement is on the first appointment. The vast majority of the review process cannot begin until the client gives us permission to proceed. Because the service agreement will produce no fees unless we are able to demonstrate benefit, the client should have little to no reservation for a no cost review.

Where Can the Full Terms for the Expense Reduction Analysis be Found?

Clients and Agents can view the full terms associated with the Expense Reduction Analysis online at