GMG offers our CPA Partners a seamless & turnkey solution to offer specialized tax services to their clients across the country. The benefit to our CPA Partners is an increase in billable revenue and added value in the marketplace.

Benefits of joining forces with GMG Solutions Group, LLC

  • Generating new revenue streams
  • Attracting new clients to the firm and helping develop desirable niche markets
  • Solidifying current client relationships and loyalty
  • Increasing billable hours
  • Increasing your competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Private Label Opportunities

We specialize in providing a suite of engineered accounting solutions to CPA firms and their clients. Our engineers are fully compliant and well versed in IRS Circular 230 – FIN Standards.

GMG Tax Incentive Services

Commercial Building Tax Incentives

    • Cost Segregation
    • Section 179 D
    • Property Tax
    • Historical Tax Credits
    • Section 45L Tax Credit

Specialized Tax Incentives

    • R&D Tax Credits
    • Hiring Tax Credits
    • International Sales
    • Sales & Use Tax

We offer a turnkey partnering program with CPA Firms nationwide to help their clients maximize cash flow and bridge the gap between accounting and engineering.  


As an advisor or agent what is the next step to building an alliance with a CPA?

Schedule a call with a National Project Manager through the app or your portal.  The National Project Manager will walk you and your partnership through the rest of the process.

Each partnership is different and by using your Project Manager you are able to tailor your agreement and relationship to your partnership.