If you are in the My Marketing Assistant program, your Marketing Assistant will work the leads you have pre selected.  

To Pre-select Your Leads Start Here:  How Do I Select Marketing Leads?

Once You Select Leads:

  • They will appear on your My Clients Tab under Leads
  • As your Marketing Assistant completes the records, you will see the status change to either "Contacted" or "Visit Scheduled" 
  • You will see the notes from your Marketing Assistant within the Client Record for each lead

If you do not select any leads, that is ok.  If you do not select leads prior to the first Monday of the month, your Marketing Assistant will select leads on your behalf.  Please keep in mind that if you did not select your own leads and you are not happy with the leads the Marketing Assistant selected, there will not be a credit provided.  

If you would like to sign up for the My Marketing Assistant program, simply click on "Marketing Tools" under Resources on your Portal homepage.