We provide several marketing programs to fit the needs of our team members.  The My Marketing Assistant Program is now a part of one of our most popular programs called the Advanced Program and consists of several elements such as:

  • 10 Targeted Industry Specific Leads Per Week 
  • Your personal Marketing Assistant calling and emailing your leads on your behalf, preparing them for you to stop by and meet with them
  • Your Marketing Assistant will work to obtain important information about these leads and provide a live feed of activity to you in your portal
  • Your dedicated National Account Manager will oversee the activity of your Marketing Assistant and work with you to develop your leads into clients
  • Dedicated Team Leader
  • Commission bonus on your Specialized Tax Incentive Services
  • Lead Capture Page
  • Email templates & phone scripts
  • White Papers, articles, and online marketing content
  • Monthly industry training
  • No ongoing commitment

The program provides you with a personal Professional Marketing Assistant who makes a warm introduction on your behalf to your leads.  Your Marketing Assistant will also provide you with details about your potential client to assist you in building a relationship with them to cultivate a signed deal.  Your Marketing Assistant works directly with your Account Manager on your behalf and is always calling one week ahead of the week you receive your leads in your portal.  This means that they start working on your behalf before you even see your leads and every Monday your portal populates with fresh leads ready for you to follow up.

You will also be provided a dedicated Team Leader which provides an element of coaching and accountability that no other programs can offer.  Your team leader will work as your dedicated closer for your discovery calls and you'll have exclusive access to their calendars right from within your app.

The My Marketing Assistant program is billed monthly at the beginning of the month that your program is active.  You may cancel at anytime prior to the 15th of the of the month in order to not be billed for the following month's service.  

You may sign up for the Advanced program within your Portal at Portal.GMGSavings.com, on the home page select Marketing Tools from the menu on the right hand side of the screen (see screenshot below) or email gmg@gmgsavings.com.