Do any of our services work for residential properties such as homes, rental homes, Condo's, Apartment Complex, Senior Living Facility, etc.


Yes.   There will be two key factors:   

  1. Does the property or properties meet the minimum criteria (sometimes we can combine multiple properties to meet the minimum of $800K in cost for Cost Segregation or $50K in Property Taxes Annually).  
  2. Is there income generated by the property that a tax benefit can be applied against.   This is only a necessity for Cost Segregation and not for Property Tax Review.   Example:  If rental income is generated Cost Segregation may be a good benefit to offset part of that rental income.   

In rare instances we have taken on residential (not for rent / owner occupied) cases for Property Tax Review when we can get an entire neighborhood to opt in (example:   airport community, golf corse community, etc.)

If you have a client you think may qualify, the best thing to do is have the client authorize us through a service agreement, and book a Discovery Call.  No risk to you or the client.