What are the three S's?

Our Sales Process can be drilled down to three simple steps:

  1. Survey
  2. Schedule
  3. Sign

Step 1 Survey

Use the GMG Savings App to survey your client.  The app will guide you through the simple questions needed to determine your Client's benefit qualifications.

Step 2 Schedule 

While surveying your client within the app you will be prompted to schedule the Client Discovery Call.  You simply pick a date and time within the next few days when your Client can spend 15-20 minutes on the telephone with yourself and a National Project Manager to review the Client's benefit calculation.

Step 3 Sign

With Presentation Pro, your Client will sign the Service Agreement directly within the app.  You can also use the service agreement provided in your marketing folder.  Simply pull out the service agreement while you're scheduling your Discovery Call or have the Client sign on your tablet screen.  

All terms are available by clicking on the link provided right on the screen or, if you use the paper copy of the service agreement the terms are found on the back side.

Your app then uploads your signed service agreement and any documents you obtain that day.  If you have to request documentation from your client your app does that for you as well including emailing your client a secure link to upload documents to the portal.

The next step in The Discovery Call!