The Three S's You Should Never Go Without

One of the most common questions we receive is what to do on an appointment, or what works best when meeting with clients?

There are three key steps to a successful appointment:

1. Survey

Start by getting to know your client. Let them know from the minute you enter the door that you are there to learn about them! Survey your client using the app. You can then reference the inserts in your Marketing Folder that your client qualifies for.

2. Schedule

The next thing is to schedule the next appointment. This can be easily done right from the GMG Savings App. 

3. Sign

Now it's time to engage.

If you are in either the Basic or Advanced program with GMG, you will use Presentation Pro to have the Client sign the service agreement directly on your device.  Presentation Pro will also go through the qualified services and estimated benefits.  

If you are not in a program, you can use the agreement that comes in your Marketing Folder.  Simply write the date and time of the next appointment on the GMG Service Agreement (see attached below).

Now you have ink on the paper and a legitimate reason to have the agreement out. At this point begin going over each service they qualify for, referencing the service inserts in your Marketing Folder and your GMG App.



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