If you are interested in learning more about Smart Medical, below are some frequently asked questions to assist you. 

How do I review my commissions? 

You can view commission breakdown and more here in the recording of the launch: https://youtu.be/R5F7K4SBVdM

How do I know how many enrollments I have had with my designated link? 

You will receive email breakdowns of your commissions outlining individual, individual +1 and family plan enrollments. You will not be provided names of enrollees as we do adhere to any and all privacy laws. 

How do businesses get set up? 

As with individuals, businesses will use your designated link to set up their account. 

What all does Smart Medical provide? 

Smart Medical is a four part subscription offering: 

  • Durable medical goods
  • Over the counter medications and vitamins at lower than average cost
  • Pharmacy department offering assistance with doctor relations and management of prescriptions
  • Prescription drugs via direct to home mailing services

See more here: Smart Medical

Can Smart Medical assist with federal programs such as Medicare PartD?

Smart Medical is a private provided subscription and cannot be applied against a federal program.