Your Emergency Business Relief Page is designed to be a personalized marketing tool for use with potential Clients during this time.  This tool provides a quick and easy way for Clients to get started with services that best meet their needs as either an Employer or Property Owner. When accessing the page, it allows Clients to begin the process of searching for the services that are a best fit for them.

Their first step is to select if they are an Employer, Property Owner, or Both will will prompt the next pages to be tailored to their distinct needs. 

When Should I Use My Emergency Business Relief?

Your Emergency Business Relief page should be used when you have a potential Client interested in emergency relief due to current times.  This page allows them to take the reigns and begin the process with services tailored to them specifically in their role as Employer or Property Owner.  This is an excellent page to use in circumstances where you have used outreach to contacts regarding COVID-19 relief but you have not yet spoken with them to know their specific service interests.

Viewing Clients Funneled Into My Emergency Business Relief Page

You can access Clients generated from your Emergency Business Relief Page within your portal under the My Clients section.  Any Clients who use this page to begin the process and view services will go to the Surveyed section of your My Clients page. All clients who activate will immediately move to the red Production section and no Discovery Call is necessary to initiate production. Once on the My Clients page, click on: Production and sort by HI. You may sort further by using the “This Week, This Month or All Leads” sort function.