Your Cost Seg Self Service page is designed to specifically target Clients that own or lease commercial property. This tool provides a quick and easy way for Clients to get activated with Cost Segregation or Property Tax as a main focus.  This page is also known as your Property Tax Credits page.

You can access your Cost Seg Self Service Page on your Portal homepage (Portal.GMGSavings.Com).

When Should I Use My Cost Seg Self Service Page?

Your Cost Seg Self Service Page, or Property Tax Credits page, should be used when you have a potential Client that owns or leases commercial property.  This page allows review and activation of Cost Segregation and Property Tax.  This is an excellent page to use in instances where you have spoken to the potential Client and know they are interested in one of those services or are looking to target commercial property owners specifically.

Viewing Clients Funneled Into My Cost Seg Self Service Page

You can access Clients generated from your Cost Seg Self Service Page within your portal under the My Clients section. All clients who sign up will immediately move to the yellow Surveyed section and will move through the proper stages (Signed and Production) as they complete steps from their activation.