Step 1 - Log into your portal

Step 2 - Go to the My Clients Tab (upper right corner of the home page)

Step 3 - Search for your Client in the green search box

Step 4 - Select your Client off of the list that appears  -  This step causes your Client Record to Open

Step 5 - Select the service that you are uploading documents for - This opens that service

Step 6 - In the white area of the service section, there will be a list of documents, if you have not already uploaded them an upload icon with an upwards arrow will appear next to the document name, click on that upload icon and you will be prompted to upload the document from your computer



  • Upload only the document that matches the name of the document listed in the upload list
  • Upload only signed and executed service agreements
  • Do not upload merged or multiple documents to one upload link (unless they are all the same type of document, for the same property/client)  Example:  Do not merge service agreement and depreciation schedule or property tax bills and upload into the service agreement link.  You must separate out the documents and upload in their own specific links.