Start With Smart Search

Selecting Leads within the Portal's Smart Search is very easy:

  1. Log into your GMG Portal and Click on the "My Clients" tab
  2. Click on "Select More Leads" in the green box in the middle of your screen
  3. Type in your zip code and hit enter

This will allow Smart Search to search your zip code for qualifying leads.  Once this page populates you may fine tune the search by adjusting any of the default criteria.

Select your leads with the checkbox to the left of the lead and then select the "Preview Selections" button.

Finally, select the green "Complete" button to select the leads listed.

Once selected your leads will appear under the Leads section of the My Client Page, under New This Week.

You can hot filter any of the listed options to drill down on your leads and clients within the portal.

** If you are in the My Marketing Assistant Program 

You still follow the steps above and your Marketing Assistant will then work the leads that you have selected. You are required to select leads before your Marketing Assistant can begin working them.