Case Studies can be found for almost any industry either on the GMG Savings Website or within the GMG Savings App (which can be installed for the Apple, Android, or Kindle App Stores).

Within the GMG Savings App:

  • Each of the Service Presentations (Cost Seg, R&D, and Property Tax) each contain 6 Case Studies that are relative to that service.
  • Each of the Industries listed on the Industry tab contains 3 Case Studies that are relative to that industry.

On the GMG Savings Website:

White Papers & Articles:

Provide even more information by visiting our Articles & White Papers and select a category specific to your client.

Are References Available for Clients?

We provide a large number of Case Studies, Articles, and White Papers in the categories listed above and we find this quite sufficient to build credibility.  Typically those requesting resources above and beyond what is found within the website and Savings App are either competitors wishing to find out more information and poach clients, or are buyers that are looking for a way to stall the process.  Because of the nature of the work we perform for our clients and the fact that they are busy running their own companies, most do not wish to be contacted    In any event we do not provide specific client references to protect the privacy of our clients.