Many Advisors add their leads to the system prior to running the survey. This does often save time as you can easily pull up the Client in the App and run the survey when at the Client location at a later date or time.  To do so, please follow the steps below.

1) Login to the GMG Portal

2) Click on My Clients tab

3) Click on "Add New Client" in the Green box

4) Enter in the Client information and click on "Save"

5) Click on the blue "leads" box and click on the company name to open the client record

7) Click on "Add Activity" 

8) Click on "Update Stage" 

9) Select "Visit Scheduled" from the drop down and then click on "Add Activity" 

This Client will now show in your Discover tab of the App, via the Search bar or the 'Quick Select a Client' option and can be surveyed.