Do Clients Have to Sign An Agreement Prior to Review?
We will do a very basic review prior to engagement.   However we will not go beyond the information or calculation methods found in the GMG Savings App prior to the client engaging us.

Can The Client Opt Out If They Choose Not to Move Forward?

No, there is no opt out clause and clients cannot back out of the agreement.   Per our agreement we charge a fee unless we cannot demonstrate a benefit that meets our "not to exceed" pricing.   The fee section from our primary service agreement is:


GMG agrees to complete their Incentive Analysis at no cost. If Analysis demonstrates sufficient benefit to the Client, GMG procurement fees will be charged on a per project or hourly basis in accordance with Circular 230. Procurement fees not to exceed ten (10) percent for Cost Segregation, thirty-five (35) percent for Research & Development Credits, fifteen (15) percent plus access fee for Hiring-based Incentives, and fifty (50) percent for Property Tax Mitigation.

When Should I Have a Client Sign the Service Agreement?

The best time to have a client sign a service agreement is on the first appointment.  The vast majority of the review process cannot begin until the client gives us permission to proceed.    Because the service agreement will produce no fees unless we are able to demonstrate benefit, the client should have little to no reservation for a no cost review.

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