Although many of our trainings center around using in person with a client to run presentation pro, a large portion of our Advisor base work with clients remotely.

Although we don't endorse third party services we will share that our staff uses or Zoom often to share with clients remotely.  You can also use to share your screen for free.

Most Advisors utilize to be sufficient and use the following steps:

Initial Setup:

  • Setup an account at, or go to 
  • Launch a session using their instructions, and test it either with one of your other devices, or by asking another person to test it from their computer while you talk with them over the phone.

Presenting to a Client:
  • Follow these steps prior to contacting the client:  How Do I Use Presentation Pro On My Computer?
  • Once you have Presentation Pro launched, start a session
  • Contact the client, and after introductions are complete, simply ask them if they are in front of their computer.
    • If no:  Run Presentation Pro and use to guide you through a verbal presentation / booking a discovery call.
    • If yes:  ask them to open a web browser and go to:

Anytime a visual presentation can be used you will find it helps the client better understand the savings opportunity.