It's essential to let everyone know about the Employer Retention Credit (ERC), especially your existing clients. Even if they've been using us for years for services like WOTC and the R&D tax credit, it doesn't mean they've responded to the information we've sent them about ERC.

A joint effort is necessary to ensure all clients are getting every benefit they qualify for and maximize your commission!  

  1. Email your clients (do this first, as the following phone script will reference the email).

  2. Call your clients. It's ok if you get voicemail. It's almost as powerful as a conversation and will still get the job done.  

  3. Ask them if they know any other businesses that could use assistance (the email does this, but include it in your conversation as well).

  4. Ensure they (and everyone you know) understand how to get their friends enrolled and eligible for ERC (your GMG.Me page).

1st - Send this email to your client(s)

Suggested subject line options:

  • ARPA Tax Credit Pre Approval

  • Your ARPA Tax Credit Application

  • Your ARPA tax credit has been pre-approved

  • Congressional Allocation of $33,000 per employee

(Client first name),

You've been utilizing our tax platform for WOTC credits for some time.  We are excited to alert you that because you are an existing tax credit client, you automatically qualified for a new program that allows you to claim up to $33,000 per employee and does not infringe on any of your existing benefits!

Our tax team sent over the form to get your benefit processed. But I need to make sure whoever should complete it does as soon as possible.   It doesn't matter if you've already taken PPP, you still qualify, but without that paperwork, you will completely miss out on this credit.

I've had many requests from clients on how to share this information with colleagues.  So, I've set up an online application you can share with any other employers.  It's simple, just send them to [GMG.Me/Advisor ID].  I'll get them set up for the credit as quickly as possible. 

Thank you,

Advisor Name
Advisor Phone Number

2nd - Call your client using this script:

(Client first name), this is (your name) from (your company). I just sent over an important email that I need to make sure you take a look at. I know you've been using our tax platform for some time to claim your credits, but congress just expanded several programs for employers, the bottom line is you're looking at about $33,000 per employee. I know this will significantly impact your company, and I want to make sure you get your paperwork in. Give me a call if you have any questions, and also, please forward that email to any other employers you know. My office is swamped with applications, but have them go to the site at the bottom of the email I sent you, and I'll get them taken care of as quickly as I can.   

Call me if you have any questions, Thanks (your name and number).