How Can I Use the Cost Segregation Guided Experience?

You can utilize this tool in your My Clients page of the Portal. This tool is like a "choose your own adventure" that guides you through the steps but allows you to select the outreach that best fits your needs.

To utilize the Cost Seg Guided Experience tool, login to the Portal and go to the My Clients tab.  Once there, click on the green banner that tells how many Clients you have ready to close.  Click where it says "Click here now." 
You are now in the Guided Experience!  The next step is to select the Client you are following up on.  Simply click the company name from the populated list of Clients with Cost Segregation ready to close.
The next step is to select the step you want to take: Email, Phone or Book a Call.  Simply select your choice for the next prompts to open.
Next, you'll need to select whom you want to contact.  Simply click on that person to take the next step.

Now you may select the script or template you want to utilize based on the contact you have selected.  Simply click on the type of email/phone script to move forward. 

Lastly, you will edit the contact if needed or simply send the email/make the call.  You can add a note direct to the Client Card as well using the "Send & Add Note" option. This lets you contact and track the outreach.