During Presentation Pro, one of the important steps is to assign the required documents to the proper contact so that a secure link may be emailed to them for document upload.

When the Client contact receives that secure link, they will confirm the documents are assigned to the proper contact or add a new contact for further delegating the document upload process to the correct contacts. 

In the Document Request, the first step will always be for the Client to drag and drop the documents to the proper contact until all documents are assigned to a contact for uploading.  The "Add Contact" allows adding a new contact for dropping documents to for upload.

Once ALL DOCUMENTS are dropped and assigned to the proper contacts, the Client is provided a "Congratulations" screen to confirm they completed Document Request steps and provide them a prompt with "Next" to move into their Upload Center Dashboard.

In the Upload Center Dashboard, the Client can now see status of documents assigned to each contact and may complete necessary documents such as Agreements, upload documents and may also contact Support for assistance or any questions they have.