You may run a rest or demo Presentation Pro in your Portal.  Keep in mind, you should only follow the below is you are learning how to run Presentation Pro and want to test it to become comfortable.

In order to use this without having to enter a client each time, you can add a "Test" client card within the Portal and then use this client card for any test runs you need to do while learning use of the system. To do this, you will do the following:

Login to the GMG Portal.

Go to My Clients tab and click on "Add New Client" in the green "Do More with your Leads" box.

Enter in "Test" information for the client's contact information, such as company name of "Test Company" and Test Card for first and last name.  Example of contact info could be:

           123 Test Road, Test, (your state) 12345  555-555-5555

Hit "Save"

This will save the client card in your Portal for you to use as a "Test Run" once you click on "Click here to Book a Discovery Call or Launch Presentation Pro" at any time you need to run a demo. 

When you run as a "Test Run" it will not save the information during the Presentation Pro so that you will be able use this test client card again.

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