Agriculture is a great Industry to market towards if it is prominent in your area. Farmers often qualify for R&D but they seldom are aware of that credit potential. The ability to qualify is higher if they do testing and/or modification with the soil, seed, etc. those tasks often qualify.  They typically have processes that can qualify such as: fertilization research or processes involved, crop changes with modification or engineering on the crop/seed, etc. Additionally, for dairy farms, those may qualify due to different filtration and/or machinery and techniques in processing of the dairy products.  

For Property Tax with Agriculture, we need to review on a Client by Client basis for qualification and need to get them each on a call using Presentation Pro. 

Cost Segregation as it applies to a ranch or large farm is different from when applied to an office building or restaurant but still applicable. There is more to consider on a ranch or farm land itself. Land Improvements qualify for 15-year depreciation. These "land improvements" to the site would include privately built roads, fences, gates, security, electrical wiring, pumps and wells, irrigation systems, just to name a few. Depending on circumstances, dams, ponds, and terraces could qualify. 

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