During Presentation Pro, the Client signs the Service Agreement within the App.  It will come up during the survey and will be added to the Client Card as a signed agreement when completed. (Please also see: What is a Client Card?)  For best practices and to ensure you obtain the Signed Service Agreement, please follow the below when in Presentation Pro.

When the agreement comes up, click on the blank signature box to open it. 

When open, the Client will sign with their finger on your device. Then, simply click Submit to save.

Once you click Submit, you must complete the three boxes below the signature, listed as: Name, Title and Email. Then, simply click the red arrow pointing right to move forward.

Complete these steps with any and all agreements that are listed in Presentation Pro.  Finish all following pages to ensure your survey is properly saved and completed. 

You can verify document status in the Client Card at any time following the steps shown here: How Can I View the Status of a Document?