That's a great question! We differ from payroll companies in many ways. We give the client the ability to view candidates as part of the on-boarding process and most payroll companies only allow clients to view the employees after being hired.

Many companies think their payroll company is already taking care of this for them. From our experience, the vast majority of companies are either not taking these types of tax incentives at all, or they are taking only small fractions of what is available.

If a client is not completing a form 8850 with each and every new candidate they consider for employment, they are not taking advantage of this Tax Credit. This process is more operational then it is payroll based. Because most payroll companies are not involved in the client's interviewing and candidate process, it is rare that this is being taken advantage of.

Our system is electronically based which means that the clients do not need to obtain paper documents from candidates for the survey. This aids in ease of use as well as ensuring confidentiality for the candidates. The candidate then will answer more honestly as they are submitting fully confidential via the electronic survey.

Further, we put control in the hands of the client, something other WOTC providers do not do. We offer the client to fully control candidates surveyed, employees hired, etc.

While we do not know other companies specific fee structure. We do know that other companies who provide WOTC services often have back-end fees, per employee filing fees, and fees to actually submit to the State. These are all built upon what they are already charging for their WOTC service. Whereas we have one set fee to utilize our Client Portal and one set fee on the credit itself.

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