You can verify if your lead has an email address on the Client Card by following the steps below. 


Step 1- Login to the Portal at (use your assigned username and password)


Step 2 - Go to the My Clients Tab (upper right corner of the home page)


Step 3 - Search for your Client in the green search box



Step 4 - Select your Client off of the list that appears  -  This step causes your Client Record to Open



Step 5 - Select the More Contacts option on the top of the Client Card

Step 6 - Select the contact you want to verify on the top of the Client Card

Step 7 - Verify email addres and then select the "Primary Contact" option if this is to be the new Primary Contact for the Client

If your lead, currently does not have an email address, here are some quick tips to help you locate an email or direct message them:

  • Google Name + Place of Work
  • Search LinkedIn
  • Search their company website
  • Check social media profiles
  • Check Whois
  • Check people search sites
  • Message via Twitter or LinkedIn