Each week we will have a different set of goals and tasks. We will be launching social media videos, social posts, emails, scripts, and more.  

Your clients have the opportunity to claim their portion of over 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS in benefit, and you have the opportunity to share in over 36 BILLION DOLLARS of commission! This money is sitting waiting for someone to claim it and the person to help is YOU!
Please, make it a priority to join us in this opportunity and become the expert in YOUR COMMUNITY, bringing the help that is so desperately needed. You can find it by logging into your portal at portal.gmgsavings.com and then clicking on the banner on the home page, or you can go directly to GMG.Me/Focus.

In the Portal (portal.gmgsavings.com), on the homepage, simply click on "Weekly Focus" banner to begin.
Once open, you may listen to videos, access your Client Sign Up Page, utilize the weekly share activities and more.

Just click on each step, and a small box will open. If you are actively logged in to your social media accounts, you can post from within that box. 

You can also cut and paste your email templates directly from the pop-up box.