Why Should I Buy a Marketing Kit? This is a great question!

The marketing kit is a powerful tool enabling team members to attract new clients, educate existing clients, form new partnerships, inform media prospects, build team members and provide credibility to your service offerings.  Most Advisors purchase a marketing kit to have materials to leave with Clients after meeting with them to run Presentation Pro.  This leaves the Client with professional material to review but also is perfectly designed to be easily placed in a file folder for reference.  This marketing kit is also an excellent tool for materials to show your potential team members when building your Agency.

Developing a marketing kit on your own would be a huge investment in both time and money.  GMG has taken the time to make that investment on your behalf.  We feel that the investment we have made to create a professional way to present your Specialized Tax Incentive services will come full circle through team members such as yourself who will benefit from clients feeling more comfortable with your services, by conveying a level of professionalism and information that you can not get any other way.

We offer a choice between a Basic and Advanced Marketing Kit as Co-op Marketing Materials.  Both kits come with a money back commission voucher. This means that upon closing your first Cost Segregation Client after purchasing a kit, you are fully reimbursed for the cost of your kit.  

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