The service agreement can be signed in one of two ways if the Client is not physically present, meaning they cannot sign on your device.

At the end of Presentation Pro, an email is automatically sent out to the main contact that includes the ability to begin the document collection process.  This does include the agreement to be signed electronically.

If at any time after Presentation Pro, the Client needs that email resent, y you may send it from the Client Card after Presentation Pro if you have already completed Presentation Pro.

As an Advisor, you can access the Client record within your portal and resend the agreement upload link to the Client at any time by following the steps below:
Any existing clients in the My Clients Page you can open the client card, and then click

Add Activity -> Document Request -> General Document Request

The email will go to the Primary Contact on the Client Card.

If you are not running Presentation Pro because they are simply enrolling themselves via your Client Sign Up Page, they will be able to complete the agreements via their activation and Client Portal.