As a part of Stryde you now have access to several different systems, all of which work together.  We've taken a moment to break down each program / access below so that you can understand how to access the system and how it should be used.

The username and password that you have been provided works for all three systems.  You do not need a separate login.

Stryde Hub -

The Stryde Hub is where you access your Stryde Agency.  It is designed to allow you to build your team / Agency.  You have pages dedicated to your Expense Reduction Services, links to the GMG Portal for marketing and Specialized Tax Incentives as well as your Agent sign up links, commission breakdowns and much more are found in your Stryde Hub.

Your Agent Link is one of the most important aspects of the Stryde Hub.  Your Agent Sign Up link is located here and allows you to have Agents sign up under you to build your Stryde team.

GMG Portal -

The GMG Portal is where you will find your Specialized Tax Incentive service channel, training and Marketing programs.  You can access leads, use the entire system to move all of your clients both Expense Reduction and Specialized Tax through the marketing process through to production and payment.

You will also find the Marketing Kit in the GMG Portal.


GMG/ Stryde App - is the downloadable app for your smart phone, tablet or iPad. This allows you to enter clients, run clients through the survey, show them exactly what the services are, and you are able to book a discovery call.