When looking for a tablet, several factors come into play when choosing the best product for you and your client. 

Operating Systems

Our software is supported on both iOS and Android. It comes down to preference when you are choosing what operating system you want to work with when utilizing our applications.

At this time, our app is not compatible with Windows OS tablets and Amazon Kindles.

Makes and Models

When it comes to make and model, usually anything that is on the most recent updates (iOS 15 and Android 12.0- as of 2022) would be a good investment. Buying older devices could possibly be an issue with software updates later on as technology advances.

Size and Comfort

When looking at the size of a tablet, please look at what would be more beneficial for you, as tablets come in an array of sizes spanning from 6" to 12". For mobility, smaller tablets are better, but for a customer aspect, larger tablets are easier for them to look over with you. If you're going to be mobile, but lack a wifi connection, please find a tablet with cellular data capability.

Where to Buy

As for where to buy them, your local Best Buy or Apple Store would be the best place to go. Each option has tablets for sale both in store and online. Another alternative would be to shop at online retailers like Amazon, but be careful of their 3rd party retailers.