When you book a Discovery Call using Presentation Pro, our software will add the event to the appropriate calendars.  You are also sent an email from the calendar system that shows you the details of the event.

In some instances you may notice that the time you selected does not match the time in the event notice.

Upon closer examination, you will notice that you are actually being shown the time converted into "GMT" timezone.


This is a problem related directly to your calendar software/service settings.  It is not actually an incorrect or erroneous booking.

In order to correct the time display, you will need to adjust the settings in your calendar account and select your correct Timezone.

For example, if you use a Google calendar, you will need to log into it from a web browser and then click the Settings (gear) icon on the right upper corner of the page, then click 'Settings' from the drop down menu.  In the 'General' settings you will find the "Your current time zone" selector. 


Choose the correct Timezone and then SAVE your changes.

The process of setting your correct timezone is different for the various different calendar software options available.

Here are some additional help links:

Outlook 2010 & 2007

Outlook 365 Web App

If none of these relate to your calendar, simply do a Google search similar to:

"How to set my timezone in (your calendar software name) calendar".