How To Work With Payroll Companies on WOTC

WOTC is a great way to partner with Payroll Companies.   The first step is to identify what their primary goals are:

  1. Book a discovery call using the app with your Team Leader or National Account Manager.
  2. On that call, we discover what the payroll companies primary goals are.

Goal:  Offer The Service to Their Clients To Remain Competitive

Payroll companies that are wishing to remain competitive with some of the major providers that offer WOTC to their clients can use our platform to do so without any cost to themselves.   If this is identified as the primary goal your Team Leader or National Account Manager can work with the staffing companies sales and account management staff to train them on the benefits of WOTC and how to use it as a competitive advantage.   The sales/account management staff of the payroll company would then use WOTC as a way to win new accounts and service existing ones.  To enroll their clients simply provide your Client Signup Page and the Client will be instantly setup and able to screen candidates.

Goal:  Offer The Service To Their Clients And Participate In Revenue Share

Payroll companies whose goals are to participate in Revenue Share on their clients WOTC services may do so by signing up as an Agent on your Team.   This should not be assumed as their goal, as we find this is not the case more often than it is.

Who Does The Screening, The Client or The Payroll Company?

With WOTC the screening is performed by us upon a hiring manager having a potential candidate they wish to consider for hire.  Because Payroll companies most often come into the mix well after an employee has been selected this process should be performed at the Client level, by the person or people that are most involved in selecting candidates.

How To Get Started?

The quickest way to get a Payroll company started is to book a Discovery Call using your App.