Your Client Sign Up Page is designed to be a personalized marketing tool providing you with credibility and a door opener for your additional services. It will generate Clients by use on social networks, within your email signature line and as a direct link to any potential client whether it be a cold or warm contact.

This tool provides a quick and easy way for Clients to:

  • Learn what our services are and how they work
  • See an instant benefit calculation
  • Sign up and get started immediately

Sharing Your Client SignUp Page Link

Your Client Sign Up Page can easily be shared via your personalized URL. Simply copy and paste this URL into emails, social network posts, forums, blog posts, articles, online profiles or personally and you will open the door to reaching clients on a level like never before.

Accessing The Leads You've Captured

You can access Clients generated from your Client Sign Up Page within your portal under the My Clients section. All clients who sign up will immediately move to the red Production section and no Discovery Call is necessary to initiate production. Once on the My Clients page, click on: Production and sort by HI. You may sort further by using the “This Week, This Month or All Leads” sort function.


Where Can I Find My Client SignUp Page Link?

Are there Any Social Network Links, Email Templates and Phone Scripts?

How Do I Update My Contact Information On My Client SignUp Page?

To access your personalized client signup link and all of the templates that go along with it please log into your portal at  Click on the banner on the home page that says Client Sign Up Page. 

You may also request your contact information that appears on your personalized signup page to be changed there.  (See screenshot below.)