What are the loan parameters?

The loan parameters depend on the type of loan. i.e. traditional conventional are similar to bank requirements but generally a little more lenient. The loan parameters change to fit the type of loan.

Do we offer business line of credit?

We do offer business lines of credit and have several vehicles for these lines of credit. The lines used depend on the borrowers needs, credit worthiness, etc. 

What are the qualifications for a working capital loan?

Qualifications vary, but the standards are credit score and income.

Can these be leases instead of loans for eg:equipment?

Yes. Equipment leases can be done.

How long is closing?

Closing depends on the type of loan. Conventional commercial arearound 45 - 60 days. Other loan types can close in as little as 5 -10 days.

Minimum and maximum for corporate loans?

No real minimum or maximum. Depends on various factors.

Who are our lenders?

We have over 140 lenders in our portfolio.

Is a local Banker a good resource to refer loans they won't take?

Absolutely. We have relationships with banks, credit unions etc. all across the nation that send us their unplaceable loans or loans that they don't have programs for.

Do you offer non-recourse financing for turnkey single residential investment properties?

Non-recourse loans are available, but there are multiple factors that come into play. Be sure to book a Discovery Call to review further with the Client and National Account Manager.

Is there any licensing required? 

We have the qualifications and accreditation for providing the loans, so Agents are not required to be licensed.

How many lenders do you submit the package to on average?

We have a network that the loan is exposed to and all the lenders in that segment apropos to the request and they get to take a look at it.