Here at Stryde we  pride ourselves on providing our Agents with the highest level of education and tools to be successful with Stryde services and beyond.  In sales, the term "elephant hunting" is typically reserved for a salesperson that ONLY goes after HUGE deals.

Growing a business is a challenge and some Agents dream of that one "Elephant" client that will make it all worthwhile. However, we need to ask the question:

Does it make sense for you to direct all of your attention and energy on a few big accounts?  

- OR -

Does it seem like a better use of your time, energy and attention to go after multiple small to medium sized accounts to expand your business?

In our experience, when you are constantly hunting elephants what you find is that you end up with nothing at all, except many missed opportunities.  In order to keep your focus where it should be, Stryde has a policy that Agents are required to complete their 3&3 30-day focus before these types of accounts will be accepted.

The 3&3 process is an extension of training and we believe it is imperative to prepare all Agents with the ability to work with such accounts and partnerships.  Completing this process equips you and allows you to manage your expectations for future success.

Elephants have their place, and if you are allowing yourself to NOT throw everything into hunting for the one big deal, you will save yourself immeasurable frustration, be more motivating to your team, put a number of wins on the board and substantially reduce risk to your business.

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