What does Tele Medicine mean?






noun: telemedicine; noun: tele-medicine - the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology.

Can the business owner and the employees both receive this coverage?

Yes, the service is available for all.

Is there any catastrophic benefit?
No, the service is specifically for telemedicine benefits.

What is the cost of this service to the Client? 
Any given case will be built and quoted based on the dynamics of the case itself.  The cost is per employee, per month. 

Are there any restrictions to states that this service is available? 
No, this is available in all 50 states.

What is the minimum number of employees a company needs to qualify?
Does it matter if they are full or part time?
We prefer, as will you, to work with larger employers (50+) but will not disqualify an employer due to less employees.  It does not matter is they are full or part time employees.

Does this service require an insurance license to sell? 
No, this service does not require an insurance license.

Can the doctor call in a prescription via Tele Medicine
Yes, the doctor will call in a prescription for all illnesses unless the prescription is a narcotic.

Is a patient record kept of uses or visits to the Tele Medicine?
Yes, a patient record is kept as well as provided in a monthly report. 

How does this integrate with an existing healthcare plan? 
Any service provided or prescription written can be submitted to primary insurance for accumulation towards yearly deductible.

Is this to replace a healthcare plan provided by an employer?
No, this is to work with an existing healthcare plan.

How does this reduce cost for an employer?
Access Discount Healthcare would help on overall plan costs for both member and employer.  i.e. no copay for Tele Medicine visit versus out of pocket expenses when visiting a doctor in traditional setting.

Is there any benefit to medical providers? 
Yes, there is recognition for being a part of the network.