Compensation is paid in accordance with Stryde’s normal payout schedule which may be adjusted from time to time for administrative reasons but currently resides on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month for any payments received and cleared by Stryde by the previous Friday.   Compensation will be paid to any one Agent that has earned commissions ready for payout that is active and in good standing both as an Agent of Stryde and as part of their monthly membership.  Net Fee is defined as the net amount received by Stryde after any banking, processing, or credit card transaction fees directly associated to the client payment or any reimbursements directly to any Agent, Advisor, CPA, or Outside Vendor directly related to the client payment.  For Cost Segregation the net fee will include the deduction of a $1K Site Review per property.   R&D Original Studies are defined as the current tax year in which the original service agreement is signed, as well as any previous years performed under the original study. 

You can find your commission rates in your Stryde Hub located under the Add Agent tab, Commission Examples.

  • Commissions are paid out on an individual basis determined by the Advisor / Agent who uploaded the Client into their portal and worked the deal through the system.

  • Stryde will not split commissions or separate out a percentage for any other party other than the Advisor of Record for a Client.

  • Service Commissions are paid out twice monthly, on the first and third Fridays of the month.

  • A commission report will be emailed to any Advisor scheduled to receive a payout the Tuesday prior to the Friday they will be paid.

If you have questions about service commissions please contact the accounting office at:  

Thank you!