If you find that you are missing a client / customer in the GMG Portal / GMG Savings App then this article is for you.  This is a workaround until necessary measures can be taken to fix it permanently.

STEP #1:  Make sure you are on the "Discover" page.

STEP #2:  If you don't see any clients listed where it says Quick Select A Client, you may have been logged out due to the applications session expiring.

STEP #3:  Try to type in 1 of your clients names.  Start by typing just the first few letters.  If you still do not see your client listed, this will confirm that your application session has expired.

STEP #4:  Click on the "..."

STEP #5:  Click on Log Out

After you have completed these steps, log in again and you should see a list of your clients.  If your clients are visible but you do not see a specific one you are looking for, try typing in just the first few letters until you see that client.