Where can I find articles, scripts, templates, social network links and Sales Cast?

Marketing and communicating with clients is the foundational building block to success with services. We've created many different tools that you can use to communicate with your potential clients. We've listed them below in accordance with their availability

GMGSavings.com has an extensive archive of articles designed both for clients and agents.  Full access to share articles is provided to all Agents / Advisors.  You can find these articles located at GMGSavings.com/blog.  

You can cut and paste the URL of the individual article or scroll to the bottom of the article and share via the social network buttons.

Scripts & Getting Past the Gatekeeper
Scripts are found in several places but first and foremost in your portal on the home page you will find direction as to where to locate the most current scripts.  

You can find a training video, along with scripting for getting past the gatekeeper in every client card that is a lead with no services.

If you are in the Basic or Advanced programs you will also be able to access additional scripts in the portal at portal.GMGSavings.com.  They will appear in your client card if the client is still listed as a lead (see insert below), also you can find them by industry under the Training Tab, Industry Focus, scroll to the bottom of each industry and expand the section you are looking for.

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Marketing Flyers

Many advisors choose to take advantage of the co-op marketing kit for physical marketing materials related to Specialized Tax Incentives.  This kit is offered through GMG and because it is a co-op program you are paid back 100% of your cost when you turn in your first cost segregation deal.  To find out more about the marketing kit please go to the home page on your portal and click "Marketing Tools" in the resource box.

Sales Cast
Sales Cast are podcast that were produced for Agents and Advisors.  They are approximately 20-30 minutes long and provide additional training that can be shared with your team or used for personal training.  

You can find the Sales Cast in the portal at portal.GMGSavings.com and in the GMG App under the more button.

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