Cost Remediation services as provided by Stryde are explained and defined as follows:


Cost remediation is the process by which we seek to reduce, refine or recapture operational costs and/or engage in tax mitigation on behalf of a business owner.  Our services are initiated on a no cost, no obligation basis wherein we review key aspects of the businesses line item expenses and determine what opportunities exist to refine said expenses as well as to determine what tax mitigation or benefits they may qualify for.  Through this process we are able to forecast what the benefits will be should the business decide to engage us for our services.  

Should they choose not to, there was no cost nor is there any obligation to them of any type.  Should they choose to move forward, our contracts clearly outline that we are paid on contingency (no flat or hourly fee) and what percentage of benefit realized we will earn upon success.  

Additionally, it must be understood that under no circumstances do we serve as a vendor or change their current vendors, we simply audit those relationships and or general operating costs and identify avenues (and facilitate same) through which monies may be recaptured and/or refined on a go forward basis.  As such, over the past 15 years we have never experienced a client complaint as there exists no opportunity for them to have a negative experience in that we are not paid unless and or until we are successful in realizing the benefit to the client.  

Our clients range from small privately held businesses to many Fortune 500 entities, as well as various unions, municipalities and even entire states that use certain of our platforms.