Stryde Invite.png

Stryde holds a prospect call every Thursday at 1pm EST.  This call is designed for all Advisors to invite any potential agents to attend.

The call is hosted by Stryde Owners and provides an overview of the entire Stryde organization, services and building a team.  This call is the perfect opportunity to extend an invitation to anyone you think may have the potential to become an Advisor.

Stryde provides you with an invitation that you may forward via email to anyone you'd like to invite.  You can see a sample of this invitation to the right.

To forward the invite to potential agents, you can simply attach the PDF to your outgoing emails to prospects.  The PDF is in the email that you will receive from Stryde.

The invitation is in a PDF format that includes a live link to register for that weeks call.  When you forward or attach the pdf invitation to an email is keeps the link live and will work for anyone you are forwarding it to.

Please take advantage of this Prospect Call to build your team!