When working with potential clients you will get some who say things like:

"We're all set."

"Our CPA takes care of all of that."

"We've already taken advantage of that ..."

Or any other variations of this verbiage.  Usually this is a way that the potential client can "get rid of you" without really having to address the reason for your call or email.

There are a number of easy ways you can respond to this conversation stopper and keep the momentum moving forward.  Such as:

"You know I just met with a client last week who said the same thing.  The interesting this is, by taking a few moments using our proprietary software we were able to determine that there was substantial benefit available to them.  It would take only about 5 minutes to check for you and if there is not benefit there would be no need to move forward."

- Or -

"I'm sure you have a great relationship with your CPA.  Because these programs are new and ever changing some being just signed into law this past December, most CPAs are unaware that they exist, let alone how to qualify their Clients.  That's why we work so closely with all of our Client's CPAs.  We can find out in just a few minutes by using our proprietary software and answering a couple of questions if there is a benefit available to your company."

- Or -

"That's exciting, how much of a benefit did your company get?"  They will not know how to answer so continue with:  "I'm sure you were excited to receive the refund check from the IRS or to utilize the accelerated depreciation through increased cash flow.  How did that affect the business?"  They will then ask a question and you can direct them:  "Well, if you don't remember seeing a refund, you probably actually still have some benefit available, I can check for you.  It will take just a moment with my software ... "