1.  Log out of the App

2. Make sure you are logged out.  You should see this screen prompting you to log back in. Don't log in, Go to Step 3.

3. Go to your device Setting.  You can get there by either swiping down the top of your device and tapping on the gear icon or you can go to Apps then Settings.

4.  From Settings, tap on Applications

5.  Tap on Application Manager

6.  In the list of Applications, scroll and find The GMG / Stryde Savings App


8. Confirm FORCE STOP

9. Tap Storage then CLEAR DATA

10. Tap DELETE - This will not affect your client data in our system.

11. Tap UNINSTALL then OK

12.  Power Cycle Your Device

13.  Turn Your Device Back on

14.  Once Your Device Has Fully Loaded Open The Google Play Store and Search GMG Savings / Stryde Savings


16. Tap ACCEPT

17. Tap OPEN and Log back in