Your Lead Capture Page will generate interest by being used for warm clients, social networks, and new leads. Your lead capture page is short, concise and contains one directional call to action to capture warm interest to generate clients. This tool allows you to capture interest from new clients as well as leads that you are currently capitalizing on!

Sharing Your Lead Capture Page

Your lead capture page can easily be shared via your personalized URL. You will find a link to your Lead Capture Page on the home page of the portal. 

This link will open your Lead Capture Page section of the portal. Click on "Sharing Your Lead Capture Page Link"  and select My Lead Capture Page Link.  Simply copy and paste this URL into emails, social network posts, forums, blog posts, articles, online profiles or personally and you will open the door to reaching clients on a level like never before.

Accessing The Leads You've Captured
You can access your leads generated from your Lead Capture Page within your Portal under the Resources box on the homepage, via the "Lead Capture Info" option. Once there, simply click on "Accessing The Leads You've Captured" dropdown and then select "My Leads Page."  You can then access the lead captures via the "My Lead Captures" button. Use the additional tools at your disposal within your portal to follow up on the interest generated from your Lead Capture Page.